Dolly Track Wheels

Dolly Track Wheels Day Rate
Porta-Glide Track Wheels Kit $85.00
Willy's Wheels, Track Wheels Kit $85.00

Used in combination with other dollies. By placing a Fisher, Panther, Chapman, or a doorway dolly into the 32 Wheel Channel, the weight is evenly distributed over 32 wheels, eliminating the jiggle of bumps and gaps in the track. It allows dollies to be run on straight or curved track (10ft or larger radius) (standard track 24.5" (60.025cm) Sometimes called a " Sled dolly" or "Trough Dolly" ALSO can be used for various brands of doorway dollies.

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Matthews Centipede Wheels Kit $85.00

A fast efficient way to achieve a smooth dolly track shot. Designed for use with most camera dollies not exceeding 34" in width. Each truck consists of 8 wheels, 32 per set, staggered in position. Wheels are engineered to perform on older, less than perfect track as well as the newer, precision track systems using 1-1/2" diameter rails. The Centipede's wheels will remain round under normal conditions. For maximum performance minimum weight load is 200 Lbs. Maximum load is 1500 Lbs. Dollies not exceeding 46" wheel base will work well with the 10' diameter curve track.

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Hot Buttons Set of 4 $25.00

Hot Buttons work beautifully with Matthews Doorway Dolly or the even more versatile Round-d-Round Doorway Dolly. For straight or curve track, steel, aluminum, or PVC pipe, simply remove the locking nut, self-contained wheel and tire from each axle and replace with Hot Button set and nut. Hot Buttons also make a perfect scooter dolly with just two axles and any size ordinary plywood. Combination Track/Stage Wheels #395001 are as simple to change as the Hot Buttons. These wheels have self-contained bearings designed to work on hard surfaces or 1-1/2' diameter straight track only.

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Track Wheels (V-Grooved) set of 4 $25.00