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Lowing Light & Grip - Who We Are

When it comes to moviemaking in Michigan, you're looking in the right place. Whether you're a producer, director, crewmember, actor or just someone who is new to the business, we're here to help. For over 30 years, we've been supporting the media industries here and positioning Michigan as a worldwide production destination. And we're looking forward to helping you.

Your Rental Source for Grip, Electrics, Camera Support, Power, and Distribution

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People ask what is in our rental inventory. Our easy answer is that we have (or have access to) everything you need to make a movie except the camera and sound. Over the years, LLG has stayed ahead of the needs by purchasing a wide range of equipment, especially in lighting, to meet the needs of the local filmmakers. We also have partners in the business who assist us when we need something special. If we don't have it, we can get it.

Our inventory is extensive and flexible enough to support small projects with a few lights and minimal grip, to larger projects. We can support a mid-range feature without having to sub in much from elsewhere. Our credits include multi-million features for which we partnered with larger rental houses, and mid-range features which we were able to supply ourselves.

Review the Rental Catalog navigation links on the left side of the page. Use the search box at the top if you have something specific to search. If you can't find it, or don't see it, tell us. We can get it for you.

Vehicle Packages

Need someway to get all that gear to your location? Of course you do. Be sure to check out the range of vehicles available in our rental inventory. We maintain the stalwart Sprinter and Box Truck for smaller rental packages. To that we have added two mid-range trucks to augment our 5-Ton packages. Check out the trucks, the trailer, and other vehicles under the Light Trucks header.

Crew Resources

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We all know how many people with different skills it takes to make a filmed product. Call on us to provide you with Gaffer and Grip crew from our own in-house staff or our network of talented freelance contractors. Make sure to ask for recommendations for camera, sound, makeup, wardrobe, effects, or any other specialty department.

Lowing Light & Grip - Where We Are

On the southwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a village named Wyoming. Yes, we are in Michigan, and not in the Rocky Mountains.

From our location, we are able to support productions local to Grand Rapids. Regionally, we fall between the Chicago and Detroit markets. Frequently we cover Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing, Holland, Muskegon, the lakeshore from Benton Harbor in the south up to Traverse City in the north. If you are looking to work in West Michigan, we can help you with gear, crew, vehicles, connections, partners, and expertise.

Our Lowing Products line of support equipment ships nationwide and, as needed, worldwide. Ask us about our line of apple boxes, shot bags, French flags, carts, and other custom equipment.

Lowing Light & Grip - Expendables, Equipment, Gear, and Supplies

Lowing Products Shotbags

If you came here looking for the Lowing Products Shotbags, you are in the right place. We developed the Lowing Products Shotbags design for use in the moviemaking business. Since then, the flexibility of the design and care with which we make the bags have expanded their market into many other industries and applications. If you are looking to purchase one, one hundred, or one thousand, we look forward to talking with you, hearing about how you use the bags, and ideas you have for better design features or your custom needs.

Online Store

In addition to the gear and expendables we have in the shop, we offer an online purchasing site. The Online Store lists the expendables and gear you would need for your everyday filming needs. Except for Specialty Items that would have to be ordered, we make sure that items for sale in the Online Store are ready for delivery, or pickup at our location.

It also has the product lines from the various manufacturers we represent. Choose from ARRI, Chimera, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Matthews, Mole-Richardson, or any of the other manufacturers we carry, and let us help you find the best price and delivery options for you.

Our store motto is If we don't have it today, we will have it for you by tomorrow.

Lowing Light & Grip

If we don't have it today, we will have it for you by tomorrow.

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