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Panasonic LH1710 Monitor
Panasonic Monitors

Now available: LitePOWER Movie Quiet Generators in 60KW (500A) and 20KW (167A).

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Panasonic LH1710 Monitor
Panasonic LH1710 Monitor

Now available: Panasonic Professional Video Monitors: 17" and 7.9".

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The AAdynTech Eco Punch Plus is now available in our rental inventory.

AAdynTech ECO Punch Plus
Available Now.
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Made with the Best, Lasts Longer than the Rest! The ECO Series is made exclusively with high-end CREE LEDs, the brightest and most-controllable LEDs in the world today. No LED on the market has more output that draws as little power.

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J.L.Fisher Dollies
JL Fisher

J.L. Fisher dollies and accessories: We are now proud to offer the Fisher 10 and Fisher 11 dollies and 21 Jib as part of our rental inventory. Each dolly comes complete with the standard accessory package.

When it comes to moviemaking in Michigan, you're looking in the right place. Whether you're a producer, director, crewmember, actor or just someone who is new to the business, we're here to help. For over 30 years, we've been supporting the media industries here and positioning Michigan as a worldwide production destination. And we're looking forward to helping you.

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