Risers and Offsets

Risers and Offsets Day Rate
Mitchell 36" Camera Offset $12.00
Mitchell 24" Camera Offset $8.00
Mitchell 12" Camera Offset $6.00
Mitchell 9" Rotating Offset $10.00
Mitchell Speedrail Camera Riser $12.00
Mitchell 24” Camera Riser $10.00
Mitchell 18” Camera Riser $8.00
Mitchell 12” Camera Riser $8.00
Mitchell 6” Camera Riser $6.00
Panther Universal Dolly / Bazooka Base $ Call
Panther Vario Bazooka Euro Mount $25.00

550lb Payload
Adjustable from 15" - 29"

Less Information.

Panther 12" Bazooka $8.00
Euro to Mitchell 4-way Leveler $25.00
Matthews Magic Riser $ Call

Matthews MAGIC RISER is the latest addition to the Car Mount series of products. Matthews Magic Riser will allow you extended flexibility to your camera positioning that other car mount systems do not offer - a full 9" to 14" of travel to precisely position the camera in almost any desired position.

Weighing in a 1.5lbs (.7kg), its minimum length is 13" (33cm) and maximum length is 17" (43cm).

Less Information.