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Colortran 12/24 Console $55.00

The simplicity of two scene preset console and advantages of a memory console in one package. The Status Control Console is a simple yet powerful lighting control system for the theatre and television markets. Status offers the operator complete manual access via a two-scene preset mode. At the flip of a switch the Multi-scene mode offers twice the channel capacity of two scene mode and up to 120 recorded cues. In either mode, the console can drive 512 Dimmers and provides: overlapping submasters, programmable bump buttons, cycling, dimmer to channel patch and the ability to playback special effects on any or all submasters.

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Leprecon 612 (12 Channel) Console Kit $85.00

The compact LP600 series stage lighting consoles are fully featured, easy to operate, and designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Combining high performance with an intelligent layout allows users to operate the lighting console in manual or memory mode. Available in 12 or 24 channels, the LP-612 and LP-624 consoles come equipped with DMX and Microplex and are an industry standard for rental houses, small theatres, Houses of Worship, A / V companies, and schools.

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Dove Controlmaster 6 Channel DMX Console $25.00
Pocket Console 8 Channel DMX Controller Kit $10.00
Elation SDC-6 DMX Controller Kit $10.00

The Elation SDC-6 DMX Controller is an easy-to-use 6-channel DMX controller for small lighting setups, from product demos to LED and Par Can fixtures. It can operate off a 9-volt DC battery for on-the-go situations or with the included power supply for more permanent settings. Other features include 3-pin XLR output and a master dimmer switch.

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