Cine Batteries & Chargers

Cine Batteries & Adapters Day Rate
AB Gold DS90 Battery 93WH $30.00
Gold Mount to V-Mount Adapter $5.00
V-Mount to Gold Mount Adapter $5.00
Chargers Day Rate
Anton Bauer LP2 Dual Charger $25.00
Interacter 24V Charger Kit $ Call
VCLX/2 Day Rate
AB Cine VCLX/2 Kit $85.00

DMX Connector: 4-pin 14V and 3-pin 28V

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Battery Belt Day Rate
AB Gold Perpetual Power Battery Belt $15.00
AB 30/13 NiCd Battery Belt $45.00

Connection Types: 5-Pin XLR for 13 VDC, 2 Pin Amphenol for 30 VDC

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