Arms & Heads

Arms & Heads Day Rate
40" Arm & Gobo Head $2.50
40" Broken Arm $3.50

More versatility, faster setups and finer adjustments are three things desired most on a set. Adding the Broken Arm to any equipment request will do just that. Used like any other Gobo Arm, the Broken Arm incorporates the 2-1/2" Head and can hold all the same items, but it has the unique ability to change its position and rotate 360deg. in two axis. Now a Cookie, Scrim, Flag or small lighting fixture can be repositioned in just nano seconds.

Less Information.

30" Arm & Gobo Head $2.50
20" Arm & Gobo Head $2.50
2-1/2" Grip Head $2.00
4-1/2" Grip Head $3.25