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24" Tornado Effects Fan $85.00

Film Quiet

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18" WindMachine Moleffect $85.00

The Windmachine is designed to create maximum air-flow with minimum noise for Hollywood sound stage use. A rheostat control varies the speed of the fan to produce wind effects from a light zephyr to a stiff breeze. This Moleffect is useful not only for routine wind effects, but also for dispersing snowflakes, creating a localized dusty breeze, etc. Radial vanes columnate air-stream; vanes may be removed for wide dispersion. At high speed the fan may be used to cool or ventilate a set or to clear smoke. The unit sets on the floor or mounts on a stand. Equipped with a tubular steel roll cage for safety, protection and ease of handling.

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18" RE 2 Turbo Fan $30.00

The RE-Fan II Turbo incorporates the same durable motor as the RE-Fan with adjustable speed control and one touch blast button. The RE-Fan II has a unique design allowing you to adjust the beam focus. Now you can go from a focused to flood beam with the touch of a dial. The fan balances beautifully on a versatile mounting yoke, it rests on any surface and attaches to baby or junior receivers.

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Ridgid Air Mover Floor Fan $15.00
Fan Effect / Fan Gag $25.00