Camera Support

Jibs Day Rate
Fisher 21 Jib Arm Package $175.00
Porta-Jib Standard Kit $95.00
Porta Jib Low Rig Kit $50.00
Porta Jib DV Column Base $20.00
Seven Jib Compact XL System $80.00

All the capability of the original SEVEN Jib but folds to just 33" in length!
100mm invertible bowl for over or underslung shooting
6.5' of lift (1'-2.5' more than all other in its class)
60 lbs total capacity
Mounts on 100mm bowl or Mitchell base
55" of reach
Built-in tilt lock
Uses standard barbell weights (not included) for counterweight
New radial needle bearing in base for super smooth swings
Quick release rod ends on parallel bar make for super fast set up

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Seven Jib 150mm Base Adapter $8.00

This aluminum base screws to the bottom of the Seven jib and allows it to sit on top of your 150mm bowl legs, rather than falling into them.

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Seven Jib 150mm Bowl $8.00

Use this larger bowl if you have a larger fluid head with a 150mm ball base. The 150mm bowl bolts to the end of the jib in place of the standard 100mm bowl that comes with the jib.

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Dolly & Slider Packages Day Rate
Fisher 10 (RHC) Dolly Package $320.00

Fisher Model 10 Dolly

Recognized as the industry standard, the Model 10 Dolly is manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to meet the demanding needs of the motion picture, television and video industries.

This stable, reliable Dolly offers operators versatile features and a wide variety of accessories. The Model 10 Dolly is smooth, quiet and easy to use, with a reputation for being safe, well-made and low maintenance.

Max. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLT)
62.625 inches

Min. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLT)
13.75 inches

Min. lift beam elevation with Low Level Head (LHT)
3.125 inches

Vertical beam travel
46.875 inches

Lift capacity
500 pounds

55.5 inches

26.5 inches

Height (operating)
38.625 inches

Height (folded)
25 inches

Minimum turn radius (round steering)
22 inches

Minimum turn radius (conventional steering)
44 inches

Carrying weight
420 pounds

Maximum Dolly load capacity
1200 pounds

Lifts per system charge

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Fisher 11 Dolly Package $320.00
Fisher Accessory Carts Set $40.00
Fisher Center Mount Kit $50.00

The Center Mount (CM) mounts easily on the Model 9, 10 and 11 Dollies. It has a four-way leveling adjustment with a leveling indicator. The Center Mount has a standard Mitchell mount and comes with a Heavy Duty 12-inch Riser (RJ12) for use with the our Model 20, 21 and 22 Jib Arms.

The maximum gross load capacity of the Center Mount when used on the Model 9 and 10 Dollies is 1200 pounds (544 kg). Due to the Model 11 Dolly's maximum load capacity of 900 pounds (408 kg) the Center Mount's maximum load capacity, when used on a Model 11 Dolly is 900 Pounds (408 kg).

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Fisher 100mm Adapter Kit $12.00
Fisher 150mm Adapter Kit $12.00
Matthews Doorway Dolly $45.00

The Doorway Dolly will move through a full range of travel with either the Push Bar or Pull Bar. Load it with gear to get to the location with ease! The platform can be flipped over for even lower camera positioning. Ground clearance is 9" or 3" when inverted. The removable side boards add an extra 10" per side for increased platform width.
Weight Capacity 800 Lbs. (363kg)

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Doorway Dolly 2000 $25.00

A true 4-wheel steering (crab) modular dolly with special "V" wheels capable of being used on track (round & straight) and floor surfaces. No need to change wheels. By using a simple 1/4" hex wrench you can switch the width quickly and easily from normal to narrow mode and vice versa. Includes: wide board set, narrow board set, removable sideboards, seat, seat riser, seat offset, and push/pull handles.

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8 Ball 3' Slider Kit $125.00
The "Original" 4' Slider Kit $175.00

Camera travel: 36”
Dry weight: 46 pounds
Dimensions: 48” x 12” x 2.5”

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Dana Dolly Universal Kit $65.00

Our most popular kit. Called a "Rental" kit because of it's popularity with Rental Houses, this is the Dana Dolly Rental Kit with the "Universal" style Track Ends, in a custom Wheeled SKB Case with folding handle. Includes: Dolly, 2-"Universal"-style Track Ends, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm Adapters, Center Support, Monitor Mount and Custom SKB Case. 24"x20"x14" 47lbs Loaded. Works with any size pipe from just under 1 1/4" (1.66" O.D.) to 1 1/2" (1.90" O.D.). Made in USA.

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Atlas 10 DSLR Slider Kit $55.00

35" Ball Bearing Slide
40lb Payload

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Atlas 10 Vertical Conversion Kit $15.00

The Cinevate Inc Atlas 10 Vertical Conversion Kit is used to attach your cameras in a vertical moving configuration. Featuring 35" (89cm) rails, the kit includes a counter balance which allows you to hold and operate your camera setup with minimum stress.

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Dolly Track & Leveling Day Rate
Dana Dolly Curved Track Compomemts
Dana Dolly Curved Track Set $20.00
Filmair Track 10' Straight $26.25
Filmair Track 8' Straight $21.00
Filmair Track 4' Straight $10.50
Filmair Track 2' Straight $7.00
Matthews Track 8' Straight $16.00
Matthews Track 4' Straight $9.00
Matthews Starter Track $5.00
Matthews Track 20' Circle $128.00

Track, Complete 20' Diameter circle includes: 8 Curved sections 3 Boxes of wedges. @ $130.00 ea per day

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Matthews Track Curved 45° $16.00
Matthews Track Curved 90° $16.00
Crate of Wedges (3.5" X 12") $5.00
Crate of Plywood Scags (10" X 10") $5.00
Crate of Cribbing (2"x4" X 12") $ Call
4' x 8' Dance Floor $10.00
4' x 4' Dance Floor $5.00
10" x 16' Wood Dolly Planks $12.00
10" x 10' Wood Dolly Planks $8.00
10" x 8' Wood Dolly Planks $8.00
Dolly Track Wheels Day Rate
Modern Centipede Wheels Kit $ Call

A fast efficient way to achieve a smooth dolly track shot. Designed for use with most camera dollies not exceeding 34" in width. Each truck consists of 8 wheels, 32 per set, staggered in position. Wheels are engineered to perform on older, less than perfect track as well as the newer, precision track systems using 1-1/2" diameter rails. The Centipede's wheels will remain round under normal conditions. For maximum performance minimum weight load is 200 Lbs. Maximum load is 1500 Lbs. Dollies not exceeding 46" wheel base will work well with the 10' diameter curve track.

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Porta-Glide Track Wheels Kit $85.00
Willy's Wheels, Track Wheels Kit $85.00

Used in combination with other dollies. By placing a Fisher, Panther, Chapman, or a doorway dolly into the 32 Wheel Channel, the weight is evenly distributed over 32 wheels, eliminating the jiggle of bumps and gaps in the track. It allows dollies to be run on straight or curved track (10ft or larger radius) (standard track 24.5" (60.025cm) Sometimes called a " Sled dolly" or "Trough Dolly" ALSO can be used for various brands of doorway dollies.

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Matthews Centipede Wheels Kit $85.00

A fast efficient way to achieve a smooth dolly track shot. Designed for use with most camera dollies not exceeding 34" in width. Each truck consists of 8 wheels, 32 per set, staggered in position. Wheels are engineered to perform on older, less than perfect track as well as the newer, precision track systems using 1-1/2" diameter rails. The Centipede's wheels will remain round under normal conditions. For maximum performance minimum weight load is 200 Lbs. Maximum load is 1500 Lbs. Dollies not exceeding 46" wheel base will work well with the 10' diameter curve track.

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Hot Buttons Set of 4 $25.00

Hot Buttons work beautifully with Matthews Doorway Dolly or the even more versatile Round-d-Round Doorway Dolly. For straight or curve track, steel, aluminum, or PVC pipe, simply remove the locking nut, self-contained wheel and tire from each axle and replace with Hot Button set and nut. Hot Buttons also make a perfect scooter dolly with just two axles and any size ordinary plywood. Combination Track/Stage Wheels #395001 are as simple to change as the Hot Buttons. These wheels have self-contained bearings designed to work on hard surfaces or 1-1/2' diameter straight track only.

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Track Wheels (V-Grooved) set of 4 $25.00
Dolly Accessories Day Rate
Crab Dolly Riser $10.00
Crab Dolly Horizontal Speedrail Adapter $4.50
Crab Dolly Vertical Speedrail Adapter $4.50
Crab Dolly, Locking Junior Receiver, Offset Arm $5.00
Anderton pin (ADP) $5.00
Risers & Offsets Day Rate
Mitchell 36" Camera Offset $12.00
Mitchell 24" Camera Offset $8.00
Mitchell 12" Camera Offset $6.00
Mitchell 9" Rotating Offset $10.00
Mitchell Speedrail Camera Riser $12.00
Mitchell 24” Camera Riser $10.00
Mitchell 18” Camera Riser $8.00
Mitchell 12” Camera Riser $8.00
Mitchell 6” Camera Riser $6.00
Panther Universal Dolly / Bazooka Base $ Call
Panther Vario Bazooka Euro Mount $25.00

550lb Payload
Adjustable from 15" - 29"

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Panther 12" Bazooka $8.00
Euro to Mitchell 4-way Leveler $25.00
Matthews Magic Riser $ Call

Matthews MAGIC RISER is the latest addition to the Car Mount series of products. Matthews Magic Riser will allow you extended flexibility to your camera positioning that other car mount systems do not offer - a full 9" to 14" of travel to precisely position the camera in almost any desired position.

Weighing in a 1.5lbs (.7kg), its minimum length is 13" (33cm) and maximum length is 17" (43cm).

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Camera Heads Day Rate
Head Components
OConnor 2575B Kit $80.00

The industry standard fluid head for large cameras.

87 Pound capacity.
90° Tilt.
Stepless pan and tilt drag.

Package Includes:
2575 Fluid Head
Camera Plate
Euro Sliding Top Plate with 120mm QR
Euro 30° pan handle
Mitchell to 150mm Bowl Adapter
Front Box Mount

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Ronford-Baker Fluid 7 Kit $70.00

The Ronford-Baker Fluid 7 head is designed for use with film or video/EFP cameras. Its two sealed fluid units allow control to be varied through seven stages, from a cushioned free movement to the heaviest control required, by the use of three simple on/off levers. Both pan and tilt actions are continuous through 360 º, depending on the length of the lens and camera. The Fluid 7 can be supplied with a variety of platform widths, quick change spacing blocks and riser plates as illustrated. The platform is adjustable for height to suit the centre of gravity of the camera in use. A second pan bar of the platform, with ratchet adjustment to suit the required height.

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OConnor 1030D Fluid Head $45.00
OConnor 1030S Head $30.00
OConnor 1030 Head (Ultimate) $30.00
OConnor 515 Head $25.00
701HDV Mini Fluid Head $15.00
Gitzo R3 3-way Tripod Head $15.00
BH-30 Ball Head $10.00

Matthews Ball Head Camera Mounts are CNC precision machined to ensure precise control over all critical dimensions and elements. The mounting plate can be permanently attached to the camera unit making it easy to assembly. Available in three sizes to accommodate different cups as required. Weight Capacity 39.6lbs (18kg)

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BH-20 Ball Head $10.00
Tripods Day Rate
Quick Set Industries Tripod $ Call

Minimum Height: 24" Maximum Height: 41"

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Mitchell Ronford Heavy Duty Tall Tripod $15.00

Minimum Height: 3 ft.
Maximum Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 22 lbs
Spreader Included

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Mitchell OConnor Cine HD Baby Tripod $15.00

Material Aluminium
Capacity 309 lbs. (140 kg)
Weight 18.5 lbs. (8.4 kg) (with Spreader)
Maximum Height 34.6 in. (87.9 cm)
Minimum Height 4 in. (10.2 cm)
Top Casting Mitchell or 150 mm
Collapsed Length 23.6 in. (60 cm)
Collapsed Width 11.1 in. (28.2 cm)

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Mitchell OConnor 155B Metal Tripod $15.00

The 155B is a heavy-duty aluminum tripod with recessed locking levers for quick and secure leg adjustments. It also has a 200 lb capacity and includes the spreader

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Mitchell OConnor 155B Baby Metal Tripod $15.00
150mm Ronford Medium Duty Tall Tripod $15.00

Minimum Height: 3 ft.
Maximum Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 14 lbs
Spreader Included

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100mm OConnor 55D Metal Tripod $15.00
100mm OConnor 55-C Metal Tripod $15.00
100mm OConnor 35A Quick Deploy Metal Tripod $15.00

Lightweight tripod features instant set-up on most terrain, achieved by having a ring located under the tripod top casting releasing all 3 legs simultaneously Each leg can be independently adjusted 100mm ball top casting Two position spreader and spike guards Adjustable nylon carrying straps

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100mm OConnor 30L Carbon Fiber Tripod $20.00
100mm OConnor 25L Carbon Fiber 2 Stage Tripod $15.00

Capacity = 60 lbs. (27.2kg) Max Height = 66 in. (167.6 cm) Min Height = 14.75 in. (37.5 cm)

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100mm Gitzo Aluminum Tripod $10.00

Gitzo Studex Series 5, Model G1505, 4 Section, Max.Height 61”, Min. Ground Level.

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Mitchell P6 Studio Pedestal Tripod $30.00

The Matthews P6 Studio Pedestal is the budget conscious solution for cameras that require maximum payload capacity. Using coiled springs, the P6 can easily handle a camera payload of up to 160.0 lbs, making it a perfect performer for large video broadcast cameras. The provided steering ring controls 5.75" cable guarded wheels for precise positioning. The P6 is equipped with a pneumatic column for smooth motion at any elevation.

Minimum Height: 34 in.
Maximum Height: 51 in.
Maximum Load: 160 lbs

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12' Camera Mono Stand $35.00
Manfrotto 685B Neotec Monopod $6.00

Patented rapid opening/closing mechanism with foot pedal Safety lever to prevents accidental deployment Integrated 1/4'' - 3/8'' attachment for head and camera Leg-warmer for a comfortable grip Angled wrist strap for easy operation

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OConnor Rolling Tripod Dolly $15.00
Hi Hats Day Rate
Manfrotto 529B Hi Hat with 100mm Bowl $15.00
Mitchell Hi-Hat on Large Wood Base $15.00
150mm Hi-Hat on Large Wood Base $15.00
150mm Hi-Hat on Small Wood Base $15.00
120mm Hi-Hat/Low Tripod $15.00
100mm Hi-Hat on Wood Base $15.00
Cine Saddle $10.00
Cheeseplate Mitchell Hi-Hat 12" X 12" $15.00
Bowl & Ball Adapters Day Rate
Mitchell Universal Ball Adapter $15.00

Universal Ball Adapter Hold Down bolt Included with Special 3/8-16 thread. Some tie downs that come with your head won’t be long enough to reach through the dolly Mitchell plate and our Universal Ball adapter. This long threaded rod with knob will be more than long enough.

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150mm to Mitchell Adapter $8.00

Adapts from 150MM Bowl to Mitchell Base.

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Mitchell to Euro Adapter $5.00

Adapts from Mitchell base to Elemac base.

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Mitchell to Mini Mitchell Adapter $5.00
3/8" Aluminum Tie Down Washer $2.00
100 to 75mm Ball Adapter Washer $2.00
Plates & Leveling Systems Day Rate
Low Profile Leveling Head $ Call
Rocker Plate and Swivel Base $30.00
Pie Dish Camera Mount $30.00
Ball Leveling Head $30.00

6” x 7” aluminum plates stainless steel locking handle and cork top pad. Sturdy 3' ball pivot mount for mounting most any camera on camera car door mount, hood mount, or most anywhere else.

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Matthews 4 Way Tilt Plate $30.00
Small 4 Way Leveling Head $30.00
Mitchell Plate 8" X 8" W/ 3/8" Threads $8.00
Cheeseplate Rigging L-Plate 10" x 16" $10.00
Cheeseplate Slotted 15" x 16" $ Call
Cheeseplate Mitchell 10" X 14" W/ Speedrail Brackets $15.00
Cheeseplate 10" X 14" W/ Speedrail Brackets $12.00
Cheeseplate 12" X 12" $5.00
Cheeseplate 8" X 36" $ Call
Cheeseplate 7-1/2" X 10" $ Call
Cheeseplate 6" X 7-1/2" $5.00
Fig Rig w/ Zoom Controller $31.00

After years of using the Fig Rig on his award-winning films, Mike Figgis brought his idea to Manfrotto. An idea that is non-traditional in design, but purely simple and effective. The only modular system in the world to smoothly support the DV camera and act as a frame to mount all the accessories--including zoom controllers, mics, mixers, lights, monitors, and arms.

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Vibration Isolator Mount Kit $85.00

Designed to take vibrations out of moving shots. Used on cranes, fast moving dollies & moving vehicles. Mitchell to Mitchell mount. Comes with 2 sets of springs based on camera load.

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Car Mounts Day Rate
Car Mount Hardware
Vacuum Cups
Matthews Hood Mount Kit $75.00
Matthews Hostess Tray Kit $75.00
Matthews Freedom Mount Kit $75.00

Want to mount a heavier cinema camera on a car, truck, boat or any non-porous surface? No problem - now that MSE's Freedom Car Mount System is here. It's really the creative options that make this car mount different. A 360 degree rotating grip head is secured to your foundation with a 10" vacuum cup, cheese plate and MSE's new Ricky Rods. The swivel head slides effortlessly across two of the Ricky Rods for easy positioning.

Freedom Car Mount System Components:
(1) 10" Vacuum Cup w/Swivel Head
(1) Swivel Head w/Camera Mount
(2) 6" Vacuum Cup w/ 5/8" Pin
(10) Ricky Rods
(2) 2.5" Quick Heads
(2) 2.5" Grip Heads
(2) Right Angle Ricky Rods
(2) 5/8" Baby Pin w/ 3/8" Thread (2 Nuts, 2 Washers, 2 Lock Washers)
(2) 5/8" Baby Pin w/ 1/2" Thread (2 Nuts)
(2) Quick Struts (Rope Ratchets)

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Matthews Brauer Hostess Tray Kit $65.00

Wanting to get that profile/hostess tray shot and have a place for your coffee and donut at the same time? With the window up while shooting sound or down for some fresh air, or up and down during the take, the Brauer Mount is the only Hostess Tray that will do both. The Brauer Hostess Mount will allow you to accomplish all that and mount nearly any camera package or even a gimbal stabilization system safely and securely in less than 5 minutes.

KIT Components:
(1) Brauer Hostess Tray
(2) 6" Vacuum Cup w/ Baby pin (1/4"-20)
(2) Baby Pins w/ 3/8" Male threads, nuts, washers, and lock washers
(6) 10" Ricky Rods,
(2) 2.5" Quick Heads,
(2) Quick Struts,
(2) Grip Heads
(1) 9/16" Combination Wrench
(1) Plastic Putty Knife
(2) 3/8"-16 x 1" Bolts With Washers and Nylock Nuts

Less Information.

Matthews Master Mount Car Mount Kit $50.00

Matthews' Car Mount Systems integrate the new MICROgrip technology along with the recently introduced Matthews family of Ball Heads to provide the professional camera person a very strong, versatile and reliable system for mounting cameras to automobiles, trucks, boats, trains and even low-flying airplanes. 40lbs / 18kg Capacity.

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Panther Multi-Mount Kit $45.00

The Multi Mount can carry 80kg / 176lbs. and is always useful when it comes to mounting cameras, fluid- and remote heads or even lights onto cars or other tricky surfaces.

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Camera Accessories Day Rate
1/4" to 3/8" Male to Male Adapter $2.00
Movie Clapper /Slate $3.00
Camera Wedge $0.50
Dolly & Slider Components Day Rate
8 Ball Slider
The Slider