Dots & Fingers

Dots & Fingers Day Rate
12" x 18" Postage Stamp Solid $3.00
12" x 18" Postage Stamp Double Net $3.00
12" x 18" Postage Stamp Full Silk $3.00
10" x 12" Postage Stamp, Double Net $3.00
10" x 12" Postage Stamp, Full Silk $3.00
Flexible French Camera Flag $4.00

The Lowing Products French Flag is designed to easily and quickly clip onto a camera and be positioned to eliminate unwanted lens flares and sun dogs. While still being one of the lightest and most compact French Flags on the market today.

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Matthews Dot & Finger Survival Set $28.00

The Dot & Finger Survival Kit contains the following:
1--Dot & Finger Pouch
2--Dot 3" Single Black
2--Dot 6" Single Black
2--Dot 10" Single Black
2--Dot 3" Double Black
2--Dot 6" Double Black
2--Dot 10" Double Black
1--Dot 3" Solid
1--Dot 6" Solid
1--Dot 10" Solid
1--Dot 3" Artificial Silk
1--Dot 6" Artificial Silk
1--Dot 10" Artificial Silk
2--Finger 2"x12" Single Black
2--Finger 4"x14" Single Black
2--Finger 2"x12" Double Black
2--Finger 4"x14" Double Black
1--Finger 2"x12" Solid
1--Finger 4"x14" Solid
1--Finger, 2"x12" Artificial Silk
1--Finger 4"x14" Artificial Silk

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