Car Mounts

Car Mounts Day Rate
Matthews Hood Mount Kit $75.00
Matthews Hostess Tray Kit $75.00
Matthews Freedom Mount Kit $75.00

Want to mount a heavier cinema camera on a car, truck, boat or any non-porous surface? No problem - now that MSE's Freedom Car Mount System is here. It's really the creative options that make this car mount different. A 360 degree rotating grip head is secured to your foundation with a 10" vacuum cup, cheese plate and MSE's new Ricky Rods. The swivel head slides effortlessly across two of the Ricky Rods for easy positioning.

Freedom Car Mount System Components:
(1) 10" Vacuum Cup w/Swivel Head
(1) Swivel Head w/Camera Mount
(2) 6" Vacuum Cup w/ 5/8" Pin
(10) Ricky Rods
(2) 2.5" Quick Heads
(2) 2.5" Grip Heads
(2) Right Angle Ricky Rods
(2) 5/8" Baby Pin w/ 3/8" Thread (2 Nuts, 2 Washers, 2 Lock Washers)
(2) 5/8" Baby Pin w/ 1/2" Thread (2 Nuts)
(2) Quick Struts (Rope Ratchets)

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Matthews Brauer Hostess Tray Kit $65.00

Wanting to get that profile/hostess tray shot and have a place for your coffee and donut at the same time? With the window up while shooting sound or down for some fresh air, or up and down during the take, the Brauer Mount is the only Hostess Tray that will do both. The Brauer Hostess Mount will allow you to accomplish all that and mount nearly any camera package or even a gimbal stabilization system safely and securely in less than 5 minutes.

KIT Components:
(1) Brauer Hostess Tray
(2) 6" Vacuum Cup w/ Baby pin (1/4"-20)
(2) Baby Pins w/ 3/8" Male threads, nuts, washers, and lock washers
(6) 10" Ricky Rods,
(2) 2.5" Quick Heads,
(2) Quick Struts,
(2) Grip Heads
(1) 9/16" Combination Wrench
(1) Plastic Putty Knife
(2) 3/8"-16 x 1" Bolts With Washers and Nylock Nuts

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Matthews Master Mount Car Mount Kit $50.00

Matthews' Car Mount Systems integrate the new MICROgrip technology along with the recently introduced Matthews family of Ball Heads to provide the professional camera person a very strong, versatile and reliable system for mounting cameras to automobiles, trucks, boats, trains and even low-flying airplanes. 40lbs / 18kg Capacity.

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Panther Multi-Mount Kit $45.00

The Multi Mount can carry 80kg / 176lbs. and is always useful when it comes to mounting cameras, fluid- and remote heads or even lights onto cars or other tricky surfaces.

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Car Mount Hardware Day Rate
Tow Hitch 4-Way Speedrail Adapter $25.00
Pinch Clamp with Tie Down $3.00
Uni-Body Pinch Clamp for Pipe Starter $3.00
Wide Pinch Clamp for Pipe Starter $3.00
Gutter Hook $2.00
Frame Hook and D-Ring $2.00
Low Profile Frame Hook and D-Ring $2.00
45° Frame Hook and D-Ring $2.00
SpeedRail Door Mount Hook $4.00
Car Mount Nuts and Bolts Kit $20.00

A collection of nuts and bolts to assist in assembly and rigging of The Matthews Hood Mount and Hostess Tray Kits.

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Vacuum Cups Day Rate
10" Vacuum Cup w/ Cheese Plate $25.00
6" Vacuum Cup w/ 3/8" Male $6.00
6" Vacuum Cup w/ 1/4" Male $6.00
4.5" Vacuum Cup w/ 1/4" Male $4.00
4" Vacuum Cup Double with 5/8" Pin $5.00