Wheels Day Rate
(Exterior) Mombo Combo Wheels Set of 3 $40.00
Set of 3 Mombo Combo Wheels (New Style 1.25" x 1.25") $4.00
Set of 3 Junior Combo Adapter Wheels $4.00

Easily move your Matthews Combo Stand around the studio floor with these large diameter, heavy-duty, multiple locating/locking caster sets. A strong spring steel retainer ensures tight fit without having to drill through the legs.

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Runway Base $5.00

This really low rolling stand base was designed to work with the Magic Stand, but it is also capable of handling any large light fixture mounted directly into its Posi-V-Lock Junior Receiver. Matthews casters are locking and non-marking. Made from steel components not plastic and will provide years of durable service.

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