LED Components & Accessories

Aputure Accessories Day Rate
Aputure F-10 Barn Doors $15.00
Aputure Spotlight Lens Kit 19º $10.00
45W Power Adapter with USB-C PD Power Cable $ Call
ARRI Orbiter Accessories Day Rate
Orbiter Fresnel Lens 15º-65º $100.00
ARRI Skypanel Accessories Day Rate
Skypanel S60 Spacelight Adapter $25.00
Astera Titan Accessories Day Rate
Androokie Magnet Set $25.00
Astera PixelBrick Accessory Kit $25.00
Godox Accessories Day Rate
Godox KNOWLED F600Bi Power Cable $ Call
Prolycht Accessories Day Rate
Prolycht Orion 675 Fresnel Kit $25.00

A 10" fresnel lens + a 10" fresnel barn door and travel case.

Less Information.

Hudson Spider Redback Accessories Day Rate
6' Stealth Box
Hudson Spider 7' White Umbrella $ Call
Redback 6' Stealth Kit $140.00

Kit includes: 1 x 50” Redback Panel Backing. 1 x 6’ x 1’ Octagon Sides. 1 x 6’ BUTTER diffusion for Redback Stealth. 1 x Shoulder bag.

Less Information.

Hudson Spider 7' Silver Parabolic Umbrella $20.00
Hudson Spider 43" Silver Umbrella $ Call
Hudson Spider Mozzie Accessories Day Rate
Mozzie 42" Stealth Kit $100.00

Kit Includes: x 32” Mozzie Panel Backing. 1 x 42” x 8” Hexagon Sides. 1 x 42’ Butter diffusion for Mozzie Stealth.. 1 x Shoulder bag.

Less Information.