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Wein L8 Slave Tripper $2.00

The original batteryless, pulse-light photo slave. Can fire a remote strobe up to 150 feet away from the triggering strobe. Plugs directly in to any strobe or power pack accepting "H" prong sync connector.

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Wein PN Peanut Slave $2.00

The "Peanut" (PN)
Tiny size, weighs less than 1/2 ounce!
Up to 100 foot range (indoors).
Solid epoxy won't crack, protects micro-circuitry inside.
Standard PC sync connector attaches directly to Vivitar 283/285 or any other flash via PC or cord.

The Wein PN Peanut Slave is the most basic in the line of optical slaves. It connects to any standard PC sync socket, directly or with use of a PC cord. It provides coverage with a range of up to 100'.

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Speedotron 5 Pin Remote Control $3.00

Control power level and firing of the Speedotron 2403CX and 4803CX power packs from as far away as 20' via this wired remote control.

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