Hudson Spider

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Hudson Spider Redback Deluxe Kit $300.00

The Hudson Spider's eight hinged aluminum and steel arms can be formed into a parabolic shape with a total of 3456 closely-spaced LEDs that combine to create a soft continuous source.

The key to recreating the umbrella bounced light look with LEDs is to have them positioned closely together, spread evenly along the length of a parabolic-shaped armature, and focused outwards, not bounced, combining to create one attractive, continuous soft source. This phenomenon makes direct LED a viable alternative to bounced HMI or Tungsten.

Power At 24 fps, ISO 800, the Redback reads f/22 at 3', f/11 at 6', and f/8.4 at 9'.

Pure White Light The LEDs used are a hybrid of 2600K (tungsten) and 6500K (daylight) and can be easily cross-faded throughout that entire spectrum, including textbook even dimming from 0-100%. The CRI is 95+ utilizing the Litegear engine.

Super Bright The unit requires no diffusion and can therefore pack a real punch. The output of the Redback's 3456 LEDs running 24V at 400W is comparable to an umbrella-bounced fixture of similar size with a 2500W HMI bulb.

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Hudson Spider Mozzie Kit $225.00