Dimmer Packs & Racks

Dimmer Packs & Racks Day Rate
ETC 24x2.5kW Sensor Plus Dimmer Pack Kit $250.00

ETC 24 x 2.5kW Sensor Plus Dimmer Pack w/ CEM Plus, (12) D20 Modules, Port, Road Case, Socapex Connectors

Less Information.

ETC SD-24000 Dimmer Kit $300.00

100 Amp 24VAC 60 Hz Dimmer with Male & Female Bates to Camlock Splitters

Less Information.

Strand CD80 Dimmer Pack 12x2.4KW $90.00

3 Phase Camlock Inputs. 12 Channels dual connection L5-20 Twist lock Outputs. Twist Lock to Edison adapters included.

Less Information.

Strand CD80 Dimmer Pack 6x12KW $90.00

3 Phase CamLock inputs. 6 Channels 100A Bates 12KW Outputs.

Less Information.

LMI 24X 1K DMX Dimmer Rack Kit $100.00
LMI 6X 6K DMX Dimmer Rack Kit $100.00
ETC Sensor 3 6x50A Bates Dimmer Rack $100.00
Leprecon LD-360 Dimmer Pack $20.00
Leviton 4 Channel Dimmer Pack $20.00

1200 Watts Per Channel. 2400 Watts Max Output

Less Information.

DMX Relay Pack $ Call