Adapters Day Rate
Chimera Single Axis Stand Adapter $3.00

Super strong stand adapter with single axis control.

Less Information.

Chimera Dual Axis Stand Adapter $4.00

Super strong stand adapter with dual axis control.

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Grip Head Adapter, Video Pro $2.50

Chimera Grip Head Adapters allow you to mount a speed ring into a 2.5" Grip Head (3750) for stand mounting. This relieves the weight of the lightbank from the fixture and provides a secure rigging option. Grip Head Adapters are highly recommended for smaller fixtures paired with large lightbanks.

Compatible with: Strobe Aluminum Speed Rings Strobe Quick Release Speed Rings Circular Aluminum Speed Rings 3" to 6-5/8" Diameter Circular Quick Release Rings 3"to 6-5/8" Diameter Circular Daylite Junior Speed Rings 4-1/4 to 6-5/8" Diameter Octaplus Speed Rings 3 to 6-1/2" Diameter Triolet Speed Rings 6.0 and 7.3" Insert Aluminum Rings 6.2 and 7.5" Insert Poly Rings

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Chimera Quartz to Video Pro Adapter Rods (Set of Four) $5.00

Quartz Video Pro Rods allow Quartz series Lightbanks to set up on a Video Pro series Speed Ring. Complete set of four.

Less Information.

Octa to Quartz Adapter Kit $7.50