Panel Frames

Panel Frames Day Rate
Chimera 42X42" Pro Panel Kit $25.00

Chimera's Professional Panel Frame Kits provide a time-tested method of lighting through and reflecting off of Chimera's top quality Fabrics. The ample variety of Fabric combinations and frame sizes will exceed many of your lighting needs. Contains: (1) 42" x 42" Frame, (1) 42" x 42" Bounce/Solid, (1) 42" x 42" Full Diffusion, (1) 42" x 42" 1/2 Grid, (1) 42" x 42" 1/4 Grid,

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Series I Window Pattern Add On Kit (42" Frame 22" Patterns) $10.00

It's easy to generate interesting light patterns and effects with this Chimera system. It travels well and sets up fast.

The Window Pattern I Series Includes: (1) Windows Pattern Holder and these Window Patterns. French door, horizontal blinds, graduating vertical blinds, palm leaves, leaf breakup, cucoloris breakup, and clear Mylar for Projecting Logos.

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