Plates & Leveling Systems

Plates & Leveling Systems Day Rate
Cheeseplate 7" Round $5.00
Low Profile Leveling Head $15.00
Rocker Plate and Swivel Base $30.00
Pie Dish Camera Mount $30.00
Ball Leveling Head $30.00

6” x 7” aluminum plates stainless steel locking handle and cork top pad. Sturdy 3' ball pivot mount for mounting most any camera on camera car door mount, hood mount, or most anywhere else.

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Matthews 4 Way Tilt Plate $30.00
Small 4 Way Leveling Head $30.00
Mitchell Plate 8" X 8" W/ 3/8" Threads $8.00
Cheeseplate Rigging L-Plate 10" x 16" $10.00
Cheeseplate Slotted 15" x 16" $ Call
Cheeseplate Mitchell 10" X 14" W/ Speedrail Brackets $15.00
Cheeseplate 10" X 14" W/ Speedrail Brackets $12.00
Cheeseplate 12" X 12" $5.00
Cheeseplate 8" X 36" $ Call
Cheeseplate 7-1/2" X 10" $ Call
Cheeseplate 6" X 7-1/2" $5.00
Fig Rig w/ Zoom Controller $31.00

After years of using the Fig Rig on his award-winning films, Mike Figgis brought his idea to Manfrotto. An idea that is non-traditional in design, but purely simple and effective. The only modular system in the world to smoothly support the DV camera and act as a frame to mount all the accessories--including zoom controllers, mics, mixers, lights, monitors, and arms.

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Vibration Isolator Mount Kit $85.00

Designed to take vibrations out of moving shots. Used on cranes, fast moving dollies & moving vehicles. Mitchell to Mitchell mount. Comes with 2 sets of springs based on camera load.

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