Junior Clamps

Junior Clamps Day Rate
Junior Pipe Clamp $4.00

The Junior Pipe Clamp has a uniquely designed hook molded into the clamp which keeps the clamp on the pipe even with a light fixture attached while the bolt is being tightened. The Junior Pipe Clamp of course terminates in a Junior Receiver and also has a safety chain and cotter pin attached.

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Big Ben Clamp $3.00
Junior Grid Clamp $3.00

Junior Grid Clamp: For mounting larger lighting fixtures securely to overhead grids, car rigs, or camera car rails. Clamp will grip 1-1/4" pipe (1.660) OD minimum diameter, to a maximum of 1-1/2" pipe (1.990) OD. Exceeds Tensile Strength @ 16,000 lbs.

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Junior 45° Drop Down $3.50
Junior Poultry Bracket $8.00

Need a Junior as a backlight, but can't use a light stand because it can't be hidden behind the telephone pole that is in the shot? Use the telephone pole as your light stand. Or use a street lamp or a tree trunk! The Matthews Poultry Bracket turns all of these into instant light stands. Made with a 1-1/8' Junior Receiver at the end of the arm.

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