Baby Kit Stands

Baby Kit Stands Day Rate
Baby Stand 2x Riser ARRI Kit (43" to 102") $4.00

Medium ARRI Kit Stand LS.2 (050A) - black aluminium lightweight stand, 2 risers, height 110 - 260 cm

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Baby Stand 2x Riser Beefy Baby Aluminum W/ RM.(49" to 96") $4.00
Baby Stand 3x Riser Med. Duty Maxi (36" to 113") $4.00
Matthlink Stand "TheScorpion" $4.50

Matthews Mathlink Stand. This unique design replaces the old Baby Plate screwed to any apple box configuration. Easy adjustment onto links will position any small light to any height from pancake to full apple. Save your apple boxes for what they were meant for...SITTING! Weighs 2.8 pounds. Accommodates all 5/8" baby receiving pins (standard baby light fixtures.)

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