Dolly & Slider Packages

Dolly & Slider Packages Day Rate
Fisher 10 (RHC) Dolly Package $320.00

Fisher Model 10 Dolly

Recognized as the industry standard, the Model 10 Dolly is manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to meet the demanding needs of the motion picture, television and video industries.

This stable, reliable Dolly offers operators versatile features and a wide variety of accessories. The Model 10 Dolly is smooth, quiet and easy to use, with a reputation for being safe, well-made and low maintenance.

Max. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLT)
62.625 inches

Min. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLT)
13.75 inches

Min. lift beam elevation with Low Level Head (LHT)
3.125 inches

Vertical beam travel
46.875 inches

Lift capacity
500 pounds

55.5 inches

26.5 inches

Height (operating)
38.625 inches

Height (folded)
25 inches

Minimum turn radius (round steering)
22 inches

Minimum turn radius (conventional steering)
44 inches

Carrying weight
420 pounds

Maximum Dolly load capacity
1200 pounds

Lifts per system charge

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Fisher 11 Dolly Package $320.00
Fisher Accessory Carts Set $40.00
Fisher Center Mount Kit $50.00

The Center Mount (CM) mounts easily on the Model 9, 10 and 11 Dollies. It has a four-way leveling adjustment with a leveling indicator. The Center Mount has a standard Mitchell mount and comes with a Heavy Duty 12-inch Riser (RJ12) for use with the our Model 20, 21 and 22 Jib Arms.

The maximum gross load capacity of the Center Mount when used on the Model 9 and 10 Dollies is 1200 pounds (544 kg). Due to the Model 11 Dolly's maximum load capacity of 900 pounds (408 kg) the Center Mount's maximum load capacity, when used on a Model 11 Dolly is 900 Pounds (408 kg).

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Fisher 100mm Adapter Kit $12.00
Fisher 150mm Adapter Kit $12.00
Matthews Doorway Dolly $45.00

The Doorway Dolly will move through a full range of travel with either the Push Bar or Pull Bar. Load it with gear to get to the location with ease! The platform can be flipped over for even lower camera positioning. Ground clearance is 9" or 3" when inverted. The removable side boards add an extra 10" per side for increased platform width.
Weight Capacity 800 Lbs. (363kg)

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Doorway Dolly 2000 $25.00

A true 4-wheel steering (crab) modular dolly with special "V" wheels capable of being used on track (round & straight) and floor surfaces. No need to change wheels. By using a simple 1/4" hex wrench you can switch the width quickly and easily from normal to narrow mode and vice versa. Includes: wide board set, narrow board set, removable sideboards, seat, seat riser, seat offset, and push/pull handles.

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8 Ball 3' Slider Kit $125.00
The "Original" 4' Slider Kit $175.00

Camera travel: 36”
Dry weight: 46 pounds
Dimensions: 48” x 12” x 2.5”

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Dana Dolly Universal Kit $65.00

Our most popular kit. Called a "Rental" kit because of it's popularity with Rental Houses, this is the Dana Dolly Rental Kit with the "Universal" style Track Ends, in a custom Wheeled SKB Case with folding handle. Includes: Dolly, 2-"Universal"-style Track Ends, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm Adapters, Center Support, Monitor Mount and Custom SKB Case. 24"x20"x14" 47lbs Loaded. Works with any size pipe from just under 1 1/4" (1.66" O.D.) to 1 1/2" (1.90" O.D.). Made in USA.

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Atlas 10 DSLR Slider Kit $55.00

35" Ball Bearing Slide
40lb Payload

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Atlas 10 Vertical Conversion Kit $15.00

The Cinevate Inc Atlas 10 Vertical Conversion Kit is used to attach your cameras in a vertical moving configuration. Featuring 35" (89cm) rails, the kit includes a counter balance which allows you to hold and operate your camera setup with minimum stress.

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