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OConnor 2575B Kit $80.00

The industry standard fluid head for large cameras.

87 Pound capacity.
90° Tilt.
Stepless pan and tilt drag.

Package Includes:
2575 Fluid Head
Camera Plate
Euro Sliding Top Plate with 120mm QR
Euro 30° pan handle
Mitchell to 150mm Bowl Adapter
Front Box Mount

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Ronford-Baker Fluid 7 Kit $70.00

The Ronford-Baker Fluid 7 head is designed for use with film or video/EFP cameras. Its two sealed fluid units allow control to be varied through seven stages, from a cushioned free movement to the heaviest control required, by the use of three simple on/off levers. Both pan and tilt actions are continuous through 360 º, depending on the length of the lens and camera. The Fluid 7 can be supplied with a variety of platform widths, quick change spacing blocks and riser plates as illustrated. The platform is adjustable for height to suit the centre of gravity of the camera in use. A second pan bar of the platform, with ratchet adjustment to suit the required height.

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OConnor 1030D Fluid Head $45.00
OConnor 1030S Head $30.00
OConnor 1030 Head (Ultimate) $30.00
OConnor 515 Head $25.00
701HDV Mini Fluid Head $15.00
Gitzo R3 3-way Tripod Head $15.00
BH-30 Ball Head $10.00

Matthews Ball Head Camera Mounts are CNC precision machined to ensure precise control over all critical dimensions and elements. The mounting plate can be permanently attached to the camera unit making it easy to assembly. Available in three sizes to accommodate different cups as required. Weight Capacity 39.6lbs (18kg)

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BH-20 Ball Head $10.00
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