Mafer Snap Ins

Mafer Snap Ins Day Rate
Hollywood Superflex Arm Snap-in $6.00
7" Snap in Baby Pin $1.00
3" Snap in Baby Pin $1.00
Swivel Snap In $2.00

Allows two Super Mafers to be connected so that one can swivel. Often used to support Microphone Fish poles or Matthpoles

Less Information.

Snap-in TVMP Adater $2.00
Snap-in Swivel J-Hook $2.00

A U-Hook bracket that can be used to hang cables; or, when used in pairs, to suspend tubes, pipes, backgrounds or even to support a horizontal Matthpole. Snaps in to a Super Mafer Clamp.

Less Information.

Snap In Magic Arm 20" $3.50