Generator Accesories

Generator Accesories Day Rate
220V Bates to Twistlock Adapter $ Call
25' Grounding Rod Extension Cable $10.00
60KW Load Bank $75.00

60KW Load Bank

The LitePOWER 60KW Load Bank was designed to test generators for fuel flow, cooling and general operation at full load. It is small, portable, quiet, and simple to operate. One required for LitePOWER 60KW, 2 for 140KW and 3 for 220KW.

Operation: There are just four switches, each controls 25% of the load.
Output: 500 amps @ 120 volts AC or DC three phase, 333 amps @ 120 volts AC or DC single phase.
Electrical Connection: UL listed, Cam-Lok E1016 connectors.
Size: Length: 30?, Width: 30?, Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg).

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