Micro & Mini Grip

Micro & Mini Grip Day Rate
Matthews MiniGrip Mounting Kit $12.00
Matthews MICROgrip Basic Set $10.00

Matthews MICROgrip Basic Kit -- Includes Base, (2) MICROgrip Heads, 8" Rod, 12" Rod, 20" Rod, 1 Lb. Shot Sock.

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Matthews MQ T-12 Mount $5.00

The MQ Mount is designed to securely hold T-12 LED fixtures with minimal or no light loss. The mount terminates to an industry standard 3/8” pin which can be used with any industry grip head. The 3/8” pin is knurled to prevent unwanted rotation and is internally tapped ¼”-20 to expand its length and rigging capabilities.

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Matthews Micro Grip Smartphone Mounting Kit $10.00

Smart Phone Micro Grip Kit includes: - (1) Smart Phone Adapter - (1) Hot Shoe Adapter 3/8" to 1/4" - (2) MICROgrip Rod 4" - (2) MICROgrip Rod 8" - (2) MICROgrip Head - (1) Mini Matthellini - (1) Mini Grip Head - (1) Carry Case

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Noga DG Hold-It Cine Arm Med. $5.00
Individual Components Day Rate
Micro Grip Micro Clamp $2.00

Taking after his father the Mafer Clamp with both strength and versatility, the Matthews MicroClamp is the newest addition to the MicroGrip family. The MicroClamp can grip to round or flat surfaces, as well as many other objects or shapes one may find on set. It’s reduced size and dual 3/8” and ¼” mounting holes give it extreme flexibility. Its strength is derived from a precision aluminum extrusion, it’s high performance stick pads and an aluminum locking kip handle. The MicroClamp is a must have in your bag of tools.

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20" Micro Grip Rod w/ 1/4-20 $1.00