Motorola CP200 and Compatibles Radios and Accessories

Motorola CP200XLS

The Motorola CP200-Series of Handheld Radio (Walkie-talkie) is the rugged, reliable, standard for production communication. These radios are built to last. Motorola's rugged and reliable radios, undergo rigorous testing in the design process. They use U.S. Military Standards and Accelerated Life Testing, so you can be assured Motorola radios will hold up under demanding conditions. These tests are designed to simulate very harsh environments, including:

  • Rain - Steady rainfall and wind for 30 minutes on every surface.
  • Salt Fog - 48 hours of exposure to an atomized salt solution.
  • Dust - 6 hours of blowing dust on all surfaces.
  • Vibration - Up to 9 hours of exposure to vibration that simulates the rigors a radio could undergo while being transported.
  • Shock - 18 shocks with a minimum G force of 40 Gs each.

The design and simple operation of the CP200 portable two-way radio makes it ideal for your production. This radio features a large, textured push-to-talk button, X-Pand™ technology for crisp, clear audio and two programmable buttons for quick access to frequently used features all in a lightweight, durable design.

All Motorola CP200 Models Feature:

  • Large, Textured Push-to-Talk Button
  • Two Programmable Option Buttons Supports a choice of up to four favorite functions with short/long press
  • Large Rotary Channel Selector
  • Tricolor LED
  • Rotary On/Off and Volume Control
  • Accessory Connector
  • Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis
  • 3 Inch Spring Action Belt Clip Located on radio back
  • Battery Latch Lock Located on radio bottom

Our Motorola CP200 XLS Radios come with individual chargers and a 1600mA Slim Lithium Ion battery for 12 hours use under optimal conditions.

The LCD Channel Display is configured to show the standard channel names / assignments as you click through the channels.

The Motorola CP200 Series radios have an effective communication range of 5 miles under optimal conditions.

Motorola CP200 Accessories

Headsets and Surveillance Sets: We offer a full line of OTTO Engineering, Motorola Compatible, headsets, surveillance sets, and accessories. The popular OTTO Surveillance Set comes with the earpiece and microphone component and can include various noise reduction accessories, amplification tools, and ear inserts.

Setwear: We have all the Setwear accessories, tools, holders, and gear you could want. The Radio Chest Pack (SW-05-538) and Radio Pouch (SW-05-529) accommodate the Motorola CP200 Series.

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