Vehicle Packages

We have a fleet of grip trucks ready to work for you. If one of the standard packages doesn't meet your needs, call, and we'll do it your way. The following equipment requires an approved operator, please visit the rental terms page for more information.

Sprinter Van Packages

Sprinter rear view
Sprinter Van Package

The Chrysler Sprinter Van package is the basic workhorse package in our fleet. The 5' 11" high cargo area allows for easy crew access to all the equipment and storage inside, is lighted and insulated. The Sprinter Van is equipped with a 1500 Watt AC Inverter and power outlets in the cargo area. Gasoline fueled with an Automatic Transmission, the Sprinter Van is easy to drive and manage, but does require an approved operator before we can allow for its deployment.

The Sprinter Van can be configured with one of four standard packages to meet your needs. Or work with us to determine your specific needs in a customized configuration. Either way you will see that we put more into this Van than you'd expect.

16 Foot Box Truck 1-Ton Plus Packages

Box Truck
Ford E-350 16ft. Box Truck 1-Ton Plus

This truck is our mid-range Grip Truck offering. Formerly known as our 3-Ton Box Truck, we have rechristened it as the 1-Ton Plus to more accurately represent it's place in our fleet. Like the Sprinter Van offerings, it contains a lot more than you'd expect for a "1-Ton" configuration.

The truck is an automatic-transmission, Ford E-350 Cutaway with a 16' box, granny attic, full size lift and 4 Jockey Boxes. We load the entire package on carts that can work from the truck, in the studio, warehouse, etc.

Isuzu NRR 3-Ton Packages

Information Coming Soon...

Big Mack 5-Ton Packages

5 ton rear view
5-Ton Truck Package

Haulmark Passport 7' x 14' Trailer

Haulmark Passport Trailer

Our Haulmark Passport 7-foot wide, 14-foot long trailer is the perfect alternative for carrying equipment without getting one of our vehicles. This safe and secure trailer can carry 3,500 pounds of cargo, features a ramp for loading and unloading, and attaches to a standard 2-5/16" - 10,000 pound ball hitch.

The interior is lit with a 12V dome light. We added two rows of E-Track for easy securing of carts and equipment.

As with all our vehicles, we require approved operators and tow vehicles, as well as all appropriate insurance. Ask us for details.

Vehicles and Vehicle Packages

All vehicles require approved operators, approved tow vehicles if appropriate, and all insurance coverage in place. Vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level (or better) as when checked out. Refueling charges may apply.

Operators must, at all times, operate vehicles safely and in accordance with all laws and ordinances.

Operator is responsible for the care and well-being of the vehicle while in the care, custody, and control of the vehicle. No Exceptions.

Loss or Damage must be reported to Lowing Light & Grip immediately.